Led lighting innovation in 2017

Led lighting has now become the most popular lighting for home acros the globe. Like electric cars and solar panels, now they are being mass produced

This has resulted in more and more households purchasing round led lighting and flat led lighting

When the lights go out, because led do not consume that much energy, they can be operated with solar power or a small diesel or petrol generator.  Have you ever been to a christmas market and saw the vendors selling strings of light. Those small light bulbs are made 100% of led lighting.

There’s a lot of fitting, the most popular being the GU10, a round small led light bulb containing 50 dots. Light goes out from those dots.

Wattage varies according to your liking, there is a range from 5w to 200w or more. Then there is warm white and cool daylight. These terms refer to the colour the light bulb emmits. Cool daylight is better for darker rooms. Warm white, as the name implies, makes the room looks and feels cosier and warmer!

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